Guidelines for Blog Contributors

The blog of the Performance and Analysis Interest Group (PAIG) invites all contributions that relate directly to matters of performance and analysis, and that would engage a broad range of musicians.  Although PAIG is an academic organization, we are particularly eager to receive contributions from musicians outside of academia.

The word limit for contributions is 1,500 words, but we encourage much shorter posts (e.g., 200–400 words) as well.  Audio/video components are encouraged, and video posts are also appropriate.  We try to cultivate a professional but informal writing style, in which references are given as hyperlink rather than as footnotes.

The PAIG blog can be found at the following URL:

Blog posts should ideally stimulate response.  Posts that pose questions, challenge assumptions, and invite debate are especially encouraged.  Suggestions for posts on performance/analysis topics include:

  • Summary of recent research that impinges on performance and analysis (published or unpublished)
  • Short review of a recent publication or recording
  • First-person summary of a recent publication or recording, including links to additional content
  • Report on a recent conference
  • Report on a recent master class or workshop
  • Analytical and/or reflective statements exploring processes of rehearsal, practice, or performance (solo or ensemble)
  • Focused performance/analysis discussion of a brief musical excerpt
  • Reflections on improvisation
  • Thoughts on performance/analysis intersections in jazz, popular music, and non-Western music

Submissions should be sent to submissions manager Nathan Pell using the form below.  Submissions will be edited and curated by an editorial board drawn from PAIG members:

  • Daniel Barolsky (Beloit College)
  • Ellen Bakulina (University of North Texas)
  • Edward Klorman (McGill University)
  • Ryan McClelland (University of Toronto)
  • Nathan Pell (CUNY Graduate Center)
  • Victoria Tzotzkova (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Not sure about writing a blog post?  Individuals who have questions about format or who would like to discuss a proposed topic in advance of writing may contact any member of the blog’s editorial board.




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