About PAIG



Mission statement

The Performance and Analysis Interest Group (PAIG) exists to promote research into relations between performance and analysis, to support and further interests in all topics at the intersection of music theory and performance, to facilitate dialogue between performers and theorists, and to open new avenues for such interaction.


The group sponsors special sessions at SMT conferences as well as presentations and discussions within its own meetings on teaching, research, and recent activities elsewhere in the field. (For descriptions of some activities at some past meetings, click here). PAIG also maintains a bibliography of relevant publications and listing of works in progress. We encourage submission of citations and annotations from all who are interested.

Topics of interest include:

  • implications of analysis for performance and vice versa
  • study of audio/video recordings, empirical and qualitative
  • work with performers
  • formal models of relations between analysis and performance
  • performance practice, historical and contemporary
  • theories of performance movement
  • pedagogical applications

Click here for more information about our recent and upcoming meeting activities.


To join the PAIG e-mail list, please visit this link.

Director / Research Profile

We invite you to submit your information to our directory of scholars with interests in analysis and performance. The purpose of this directory is to foster communication and build community.


For further information and any other inquiries regarding the group’s activities, please contact PAIG co-chairs Andy Friedman and Edward Klorman:


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