Call for Proposals – PAIG 2015 Meeting

At the 2015 SMT Annual Meeting in St. Louis (October 29 to November 1), the Performance and Analysis Interest Group (PAIG) will devote a portion of its session to short papers plus discussion. PAIG’s meeting is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, October 31, 5:30–7:30 PM.

PAIG invites proposals for 15-minute presentations on any topic pertaining to musical analysis and performance. Two areas of special interest are as follows:

* SCORES AND PERFORMANCE / SCORES VS. PERFORMANCE: Recent scholarship on musical performance studies, notably Nicholas Cook’s Beyond the Score: Music as Performance (2013), has criticized traditional modes of “score-based analysis” for privileging abstract musical “works” over their performances and for over-relying on metaphors of musical “structure.” To what extent are score-based and performance-based modes of analysis antithetical, compatible, or productively in dialogue? What are the costs and benefits of alternative modes of analysis?

* PERFORMERS ON PERFORMANCE AND ANALYSIS: It has been two decades since Joel Lester observed that something was conspicuously absent in the performance/analysis literature—“namely, the performers and their performances.” Regarding the latter point, a sophisticated body of literature analyzing recorded performances has developed in the ensuing decades. But efforts to integrate perspectives from performers themselves into scholarship on music analysis have been somewhat less successful and been criticized for a tendency to relegate performers to a subordinate or merely receptive role. What are the prospects for bringing perspectives from performers—either living or historical (e.g. Lussy, Schnabel, Casals)—into scholarship on musical analysis and performance? What kinds of collaborative or interdisciplinary perspectives would be most fruitful? What impediments might be hampering such research and how might they be overcome? To what extent might perspectives from performers and scholars be at odds or serve to critique one another’s values?

Proposals must be submitted to Edward Klorman, PAIG Co-Chair, at no later than July 1, 2015. A program will be announced by July 15, 2015. Your submission should include the following:

1) Two versions of the proposal in separate files, one anonymous and the other including the author’s name, institutional affiliation (if any), and contact information. Proposals should include a 250-word abstract plus up to one page of supplemental musical examples.

2) A list of all required equipment (such as piano, CD player, or LCD projector) other than the sound system that is typically available for all presenters. Please note that SMT normally cannot provide internet access for presentations.

Please note that submissions from non-SMT members are welcome. At the time of the conference, all presenters must be current SMT members and must register to attend the meeting. Information about SMT membership and conference registration is available at


Daniel Barolsky and Edward Klorman
PAIG Co-Chairs


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